5-10x Faster

Discrete Event Simulation

Build detailed models of complex systems in days instead of months

JaamSim Pro - Discrete Event Simulation Software

Advanced software for building simulation models of complex supply chains for resource and transportation industries.

Significantly Faster Model Building and Execution


Jaamsim Pro - discrete event simulation - Supply chain model

Industrial Strength

JaamSim’s framework allows models with thousands of objects to be constructed quickly and maintained efficiently.  Text-based input files enable standard tools such as Git to be used for version control.

Jaamsim Pro - discrete event simulation - Faster execution speed

Faster Execution Speed

JaamSim’s speed is built on highly efficient event processing that executes 5 to 10 times faster than other simulation software.  Continuous processes such as vehicle motion and material flow are programmed exclusively with next-event logic which further increases execution speed.

Discrete event simulation for resource supply chains

Material Flow Handling

Split, combine and recirculate flows with smart objects that have built-in logic and can be customized when necessary.

Descrete Event Simulation for resource industry

Vehicle Routing

Quickly configure rail or other transportation networks with smart objects that avoid deadlocks while providing the model builder with full control.

Jaamsim Pro - discrete event simulation - flexible-integration

Flexible Integration

Convenient IO capabilities make JaamSim easy to use within your preferred workflow.

Jaamsim Pro - discrete event simulation - Versatile UI

Versatile UI

All model building possible in both GUI and text editor making the experience for programmers greatly superior to competing packages.

Model System Applications

Detailed models of the below systems can be constructed by drag-and-dropping the model elements provided by JaamSim Pro.

  • MATERIALS – crude oil, liquefied natural gas, iron ore, coal
  • STORAGE UNITS – tanks, stockpiles, bins
  • FLOW DEVICES – conveyors, pipelines, shiploaders, stacker/reclaimers
  • VEHICLES – trucks, trains, ships
  • PATHS – roads, rail lines, shipping lanes
  • LOADING AND UNLOADING STATIONS – berths, train loadouts
  • PRODUCTION, CONSUMPTION & TRANSSHIPMENT FACILITIES – mines, oil platforms, terminals
  • COMBINERS, SPLITTERS & BLENDING – ore processing plants, blending stockpiles

Widely Used by Leading Companies

JaamSim Pro is an extension of the free open-source software JaamSim which is used by leading companies and universities around the world. The software has been in continuous development since 2002 and is downloaded more than 10,000 times per year. JaamSim Pro licensees include:

Anglo American
Hypercube Scientific
Coast Mountain Bus Company
Enviva Company
Entech Company
Three Dify Company