About JaamSim Pro

Leading edge simulation.

JaamSim Pro is the leading simulation software for resource and transportation industries.  Our advanced software package allows engineers to build dynamic simulation models of complex supply chains better and faster.


We want to change the way the world uses simulation technology.

  • Make simulation more widely used. Free open source JaamSim has made discrete event simulation available to tens of thousands of people and many companies around the world who could not afford the high costs for other simulation software.  Unlike the free or student versions of other simulation software, JaamSim has no limit on model size or functionality.
  • Enable others. JaamSim allows programmers to create new libraries of objects for their projects.  These libraries are automatically provided with a high-quality drag-and-drop user interface, 3D graphics, and all the objects and model building tools provided with standard JaamSim.  Extended versions of JaamSim created in this way can be shared freely with others or turned into commercial products.
  • Advance the field of simulation. JaamSim is designed to be simple to learn but still scalable to huge models.  It breaks the complexity barrier that limits other simulation software.  We are constantly finding new ways to make models both simpler and more powerful.


To become the software of choice for simulation professionals.

Our Story

JaamSim software was developed to support consulting projects for resource industry clients.  When we found that commercially available simulation software was unsuitable for these applications, we built our own software that had the necessary building blocks.  The software was licensed to many of the companies in the oil and gas industry, and much of it was later released as open source. 

After JaamSim Software Inc. was formed in 2016, we added all the features needed for the open source JaamSim to compete with commercial simulation software and developed new libraries of advanced objects for modelling material flows and transportation systems, which became JaamSim Pro.

JaamSim’s Founders

Harry King - President, JaamSim

Dr. Harry King


Dr. King is the president of JaamSim Software Inc. and the founder of the JaamSim project. A theoretical physicist by training, he has over forty years of experience in the field of discrete event simulation as a consulting engineer. He is an expert in preparing end-to-end supply chain models for the mining and oil & gas industries. that involve multiple modes of transportation including rail nextworks, shipping, marine terminals, pipelines, and trucking. Prior to JaamSim, he was the manager of the simulation department for a consulting engineering company where he completed projects for clients around the world.

Harvey Harrison - Software Architect

Harvey Harrison

Software Architect

Harvey is the technical lead for all aspects of the JaamSim project. He has over twenty years of experience with discrete event simulation software as both a programmer and a consultant. He also has experience with many other types of modeling including transportation demand models, population change models, vehicle micro-simulation, and toll revenue models. He has an interest in systems programming and has many contributions to the Linux kernel.

Matt Chudleigh

Software Engineer

Matt is author of some of the most technically challenging aspects of JaamSim: the expression system, 3D graphics engine, and other core systems. With a degree in Engineering Physics and twenty years of experience, he brings a unique understanding of mathematics and software theory to the JaamSim team. During his career he has worked in a variety of different fields including biotech instrument design and commercial video game development and has worked as a software engineer and embedded systems engineer. His technical interests include computer graphics and programming language theory.