Simulation experts love our software.

Hypercube Scientific

Dr. Tom Hanna

President, Hypercube Scientific

“JaamSim Pro is the competitive advantage that has allowed us to build a successful consultancy.”

All our discrete event simulation work is carried out in JaamSim Pro, our tool of choice. JaamSim Pro’s capabilities for quickly putting together an MVP model for initial customer feedback are second to none. In days to weeks, we are able to build transport networks and material handling facilities at a level of detail that would take weeks to months in competitor packages. Hypercube is therefore able to provide simulation services for large companies that would typically need to employ teams larger than our entire company.

Excellent ‘built-in’ capabilities do not reduce our ability to program highly detailed bespoke logic. The system of expressions for controlling model entities and associating time usage states is convenient and powerful. It is a simple matter to refer to properties of any number of model entities and use them in a powerful calculation to decide the next steps in the model. Several of the expressions we have built are complex scripts in their own right.

Another area in which JaamSim Pro excels is at creating highly configurable models. Modular code construction allows to configure a wide range of scenarios with minimal problems, and minimal changes required to logic etc. It is the perfect tool for clients looking into option studies where the number of possible scenarios is very large.

We use version control (via Git, although JaamSim Pro does not lock you in to any particular choice) allowing several people to collaborate productively on models. The code is text-based but also can be developed within a GUI. It is testament to the tool’s flexibility that each analyst on my team finds their own happy medium for how much is done in the GUI and how much in a text editor, but they all end up with neat, version-controlled code consistent with company conventions and coding best practice.

Model execution speed is fast enough to produce a large number of model runs on a convenient timescale. Debugging is facilitated by the model speed and the illustrative graphics, not to mention the convenient logging capabilities.

Hypercube Scientific has successfully used JaamSim Pro on projects ranging from 4-week, high level studies up to an ongoing engagement lasting five years to date. Lastly, I note that Hypercube Scientific adopted JaamSim Pro five years ago, when it was still in its beta version. Even then, we considered its capabilities excellent and the choice was simple. The code has matured greatly in the intervening time and is now a stable and feature-complete product.

Hypercube Scientific is a boutique consultancy offering simulation, optimisation, scheduling and advanced analysis services. Hypercube’s focus is the efficient utilisation of capital-intensive equipment, and we work with clients on both operational improvement and on formulating the most efficient expansion plan to achieve future aims. Hypercube aims to build long-term relationships with clients, based on deep business understanding and mathematical rigour.